Our Staff

Darrell Clower

Founder, Rescue Diver and soon to be Divemaster.

Justin Moore

Master Instructor. Loves cave diving and long walks on the beach


Founded in 2015, Narcoholics Anonymous Dive Society was the result of dive buddies wanting to share their love of scuba diving and find more dive buddies. Let us help you discover the beauty of the ocean, springs, their inhabitants and mystery. From classes and excursions to special events hosted by our experts, we're here to connect you with our wonderful sport.

Never been in the ocean? Don't worry! Narcoholics Anonymous Dive Society works with new divers and and people of all ages. We've aided families on full snorkel trips in Pennekamp State Park, and also helped certify couples in SCUBA before they left for their honeymoons. Let us help you prepare to enjoy an adventure like none other.


  • Free Memberships
  • Annual programs
  • Kids programs
  • Family events
  • Water safety training
  • CPR and other safety training
  • SCUBA certification programs
  • Travel insurance
  • Custom itineraries
  • Annual group trips


Carlos Perez

Our resident adventurer, Carlos travels to the far reaches of the ocean and caves every year.

About our Society

Michael Moore, MD

DCAV owner, rebreather diver and  Divemaster extraordinaire.